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Born in the early 70s from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Urbano and Francesco Rombaldoni, Former In, a company producing upholstery, rapidly develops its artisan dimension becoming a reference reality in the international industrial scene.

Manual skills, craftsmanship, mastery and creativity are the concepts underlying the special way of imagining, designing and manufacturing our products. In the context of total quality, creativity enriches products with a completely “Mediterranean” warmth and with values ​​of spontaneity and functionality that are more precious, as they are personal and intangible, for an increasingly creative, personalized and livable home. A collection that comes from the corporate background but at the same time represents a turning point in a unique, constantly evolving path: that of the creative technology of artisanal productions. A single, large complex of elements all compatible with each other, to design, implement, solve real needs with a creativity that is current beyond time.

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